wall st Equity - Public/Private

We specialize in raising capital for growing real estate companies to support their current and future operating plans. Since 2005, Blackhawk Capital Group has served as the lead underwriter or co-manager for a number of private equity offerings. We target equity deals ranging from $1 million to $25 million. As managing underwriter, we draw upon our full resources including equity research, syndication, trading, institutional and private client sales, and investment banking. Our equity-linked products include:

arrow Common Stock

arrow Preferred Stock

arrow Convertible Securities

arrow Trust Preferred Securities

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory
We specialize in providing M&A advisory services to:

arrow Private companies

arrow Public companies

arrow REITs

arrow Divisions or subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Since 2005, the real estate group has been involved in a myriad of equity and debt transactions - primarily with REITs. Our focus is on developing and maintaining long-term strategic relationships with a select number of REITs through the seamless integration of banking, research, and trading. The group is comprised of investment bankers with significant capital raising and M&A experience. Research Analysts also assist our resident bankers in underwriting new and existing deals. We offer the following products and services to our REIT clients:

arrow Revolving lines of credit

arrow Public debt and equity

arrow Private debt and equity

arrow M&A advisory services

Credit Tenant Lease (CTL)

We formed our Credit Tenant Lease Group to focus on structuring and executing alternative financing transactions with growing companies. The group targets clients who wish to maximize their company's cash potential using this variation of a sale/leaseback, off-balance-sheet source of financing. This service leverages our in-depth capital raising expertise and the knowledge of investment bankers across a broad spectrum of industries. We are able to offer clients access to a variety of capital sources including:

arrow Insurance companies

arrow Pension Funds

arrow Commercial banks and finance companies

arrow Blackhawk Capital Group's Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities and Net lease conduit

CTL financing alternatives include:
arrow Balloon leases

arrow Developer leases (build-to-suit)

arrow Saw-tooth cash flow leases

arrow Traunched structures

arrow Zero coupon bond structures

arrow Non-bond type leases (in some instances)

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